Project Details

Stevens provided construction leadership, inspection services and materials sampling for the Rush River bridge replacement and approaches. This bridge project included removal of the old structure, construction of a precast arch structure, riprap, grading, base aggregate, asphaltic surface, beam guard and restoration.

Due to heavy spring rains, the creek was running, requiring a contract modification at the beginning of the project to place turbidity barrier instead of silt fence to protect abutment construction. Rains continued to prove challenging for this project, with localized heavy rains causing very high water during construction. Both sides of the roadway had power lines, and coordination was required to facilitate shutdown of the high voltage line to allow the contractor to safely work with equipment at the site. Close communication and coordination was also required with the county, as the county was responsible for grading and finishing the site once the bridge was complete.

Stevens provided the project leader for site inspection, concrete testing, and material documentation and review.

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