Project Details

Planning, design and construction services for the extension of trunk sanitary sewer and water main to the Osceola Medical Center. The utility extensions were approximately 5,000 LF along STH 35, and in the case of the sanitary sewer, were constructed at depths exceeding 30 feet. Another complicating factor involved a substantial amount of rock excavation required for the construction of the sanitary sewer and water main. The project also included the design and construction of approximately 2,500 LF of public roadway, including dedicated turn, acceleration, and bypass lanes along STH 35 as required by WisDOT.

This project required significant coordination with private utilities-such as the existing businesses along STH 35 regarding signage and access during the construction, and with the municipal airport regarding construction in an airport zone, and also with WisDOT for traffic control and construction bypass and turn lanes.

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