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Evaluation of an entire sanitary sewer system (approximately 6,700 lf) to determine areas needing improvement and sections that could be re-routed to improve efficiency. Prepared plans and specifications for re-routing, lining, directional drilling, and abandonment.

Forest Avenue is a primary route through the Wisconsin Department of Health’s Northern Wisconsin Center. The pavement had deteriorated, and curb and gutter were in very poor shape. The cracking pattern of the pavement indicated no structural deficiencies; therefore, the road was pulverized, graded and paved. Also included was the reconstruction of a parking lot with 30 stalls, loading docks and pedestrian walkways. The road repair includes pulverizing, grading, storm sewer repairs, full curb and gutter replacement and paving. The parking lot and pedestrian walkway repair includes removal of the pavement and concrete walk, spot subgrade repairs, addition of storm sewer, curb and gutter replacement, reinforced concrete walkway with ADA-compliant parking spaces and ramps, and parking lot pavement. Stevens provided engineering services for the design and program/budget validation to replace the road with a uniform horizontal cross section, curb and gutter, parking lot and pedestrian walkway repairs. Specifications included extra site precautions for resident and visitor safety.

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