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Published On: April 14th, 2022

Stevens newsletter mock upThe Wisconsin Department of Transportation has released the solicitation for grant applications for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Program. There is approximately $1.29 Billion available for road and bridge projects over the next 5-years. The grants will be administered through WisDOT’s Surface Transportation Program which requires that projects that have been approved for funding must follow WisDOT design and procedures as well as be bid through WisDOT construction solicitations with WisDOT inspection services.

The grant program has been broken down into several categories including STP Urban, STP Rural (major collector), STP Local (minor collector or local road), Local Bridge and Congestion Mitigation. For most of your roads, the STP Local (minor collector or local road) is appropriate. All program’s cost share is 80% Federal dollars and 20% local match.

You can apply for more than one project at a time on separate application forms.  Applications are open now and the submission date is June 3, 2022. Selection is expected to take place in June 2022 with selection announcement anticipated in July 2022.

The application requires existing road information such as length, width, pavement rating, traffic, speed limit, etc. as well as justification on why the project is needed, the proposed scope of work, and details on the project’s uniqueness and complexity. The application also requires a preliminary environmental / cultural investigation and anticipated right-of-way needs.  The most important part of the application is the cost estimate. This will set the funding allocated. New as of April 1, 2022, counties and municipalities can use up to $10  million of their ARPA funds that they received to build roads and improve water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure.

Stevens can prepare the entire solicitation application including concept layout to determine grading needs, analysis of right-of-way needs, preliminary environmental and cultural investigation, narrative of scope of work and justification, cost estimate, and associated application forms.  We will transfer the entire package to you for signature and email submission.

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